Pastor T. Polite served in the U.S. Army, has received an honorable service achievement for his time.

He has acquired a bachelor in business and serves as the chair (ministerial director for Planters Assemblies, Inc.)

He is married to Jacqueline Polite (elder)

and has two daughters (Moriah and Priscilla Polite)


Planters Assemblies, Inc.

Plant services

I'm passionate about giving back to the true ministries.


Head Elder / Jacqueline Polite - Insurance and family counselor.

19 years of service 


We want to hear from you and your journey with God

The church of today has transformed into a performanced base system for Anniversaries, Celebrations, and Man-centered events. Help us to redirect communities back to the Holy Bible. Share your story on how working with a Planter's team made a differencein your life.

Sunday 1, /1st Sundays at 4:00pm (Feast and worship service)

Sunday 8th / 2nd Sundays * Aloft (River city) at 10:30am / Skymark Drive * 32218

Sunday 15, 22, 29 * at 1:00pm Best Western (Collins Rd. & 17)

On the 15th we're having a toy drive, on the 22nd we're having a toy giveaway at Madelyn Oaks Apts. Must register with the main office to be able to receive toys.

Business partner perks


PA presents local business perks for those who are consistently helping us to spread the word of God and continue to plant ministries. See a local team lead for business perks.         

​If you’re joining one of our small groups for worship we want to give you some insight on how to help us impact your community for Christ.

First things to know:

1. Try to truly find a way to support evangelistic efforts for at least one area. We are not your typical traditional church where we just go to church. To change your individual lifestyle and to impact others with the gospel you should really think about doing more than just showing up every once in a while. This is key.
2. Learn about being a church plant distributor. Distributors main goal is to get the literature into the hands of people who may sincerely want to help develop their lives and the assembly.
Try to visit all 3 class room teaching sessions. This can give you better insight on how to effectively witness in your respected area.
3. Sow financial seeds into the church plant. Showing up to an assembly is wonderful, but showing up to learn, grow, and give is better.

Sunday 17th and the 24th at 1:00pm.

Best Western * Collins Rd. & 17

For the past 11 years, Pastor Todd Polite along with his wife Elder Jacqueline Polite has refined and purposely promoted the gospel without all of the religious performances you'll find in so many ministries today. See my brief write up on the homepage of this site.

God has allowed us to teach the word to a group of great people and to preach the gospel for well over 20 years. The Learning Center Church, Inc. is our foundational plant ministry that supports the objectives of PA to reach more cities and more people.

I believe God has fine tuned my calling through specific trials to not just concentrate on a one-building platform, but to follow what the disciples of Yeshua [Jesus Christ] had to do. "Go into all the world and preach the gospel." 

~Pastor Todd Polite.BA

2nd Sundays of each month at the Aloft hotel

**Next session December 8th at 10:30am

(Lite breakfast will be served)